"Since the US does not have a strong system of preventative, lifestyle-focused health, then it would be wise to learn from systems that DO understand how to rejuvenate and sustain human health."
            - Dr. Sylvia Kolbiarz, PharmD
                  & Ayurvedic Health Educator
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Dr. Sylvia Kolbiarz
Ayurvedic Health Educator

With education and experience in both Western and Eastern healthcare modalities, Dr. Sylvia Kolbiarz understands the value of health systems that have previously shown success in other parts of our world. Her vision is to use this knowledge as a means of strengthening our healthcare system in its ability to prevent disease, rejuvenate the human body and maintain quality health for each individual in our country.

As a result, she combines her diverse health knowledge to educate on effective health-preserving tools such as positive lifestyle changes, what a "balanced diet" ACTUALLY looks like and safe herbal & supplement use.

Whether it is through free wisdom shared on this page, personal consultations, or group workshops, Dr. Kolbiarz helps individuals understand how to avoid the most morbid modern day "lifestyle diseases" such as obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression and dementia

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