"We're Here to Help Keep You Off Prescription Medications." 

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Minimally Processed

Made in the U.S.

No Preservatives, Dairy, Gluten, Gelatin, or Artificial Colors

Vegan Formula

Dr. James Boblak, PharmD & Founder
Dr. Sylvia Kolbiarz, PharmD & Ayurvedic Health Educator

A Probiotic Is
The Most Important Daily Supplement You Should Take

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Minimally Processed Probiotic
With our probiotic, you will replenish the 7 most important strains of your body's microbiome.
Expect a boost to your digestion, immune system, mental health, respiratory health, skin health, and reproductive health.
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Are You Ready To Look And Feel Better Than Ever Before?
Invest In Your Health By Scheduling A One-of-a-Kind Wellness Consultation With Our Pharmacist And Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor,
Dr. Sylvia Kolbiarz. It Will Be a Wellness Visit Unlike Any You Have Experienced!


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