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What To Expect From An Ayurvedic Consultation

     In Ayurvedic healing, achieving a healthy digestion is the first and most important step to getting your system back into a regular, healthy flow. This makes a lot of sense if you consider the function of our digestion. Its main purpose is to turn the food we eat into a usable source of energy that will be used by all the organs, tissues and cells of our mind and body. Additionally, a solid digestion assures that if you are eating a healthy meal, your body is able to efficiently extract all of the beneficial nutrients from the food. Without a properly functioning digestive system, these processes are hindered leading to various states of dis-ease.

     The first step will always be to address your digestion and optimize it so that your body can actually start utilizing all of the yummy, healthy food you have been eating. After we have established a solid digestion, you can look forward to specific recommendations on foods, exercises, relaxation techniques, lifestyle choices, and herbals that will compliment your unique mind and body constitution, along with the symptoms you are looking to address. 

     Initial consultations last about 1 hour, with the follow-up consultations lasting anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on your personal needs. Follow-up consultations are recommended every 12 weeks while in active healing. Our expectation is that one day you will no longer need to meet with us regularly, as your symptoms will have resolved and are being actively prevented with the wisdom you gained.
The following are symptoms that commonly get addressed during consultations:



All Concerns Pertaining to Gut Health




Low Mood

Nervousness/Feelings of Anxiety

Poor Energy Levels/Fatigue

Weight Management



Ideal Exercises 

Stress Management

Hormone Balance

Blood Sugar

Blood Pressure


Eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions


Thyroid Function



Dr. Sylvia Boblak 

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor & Pharmacist

The health advice you commonly follow from the internet, friends and even many health professionals doesn't bring lasting results because it is often not the right advice for you. Just as you are unique, so should be your health approach throughout life.

Dr. Sylvia combines her diverse knowledge from Western and Eastern health systems to educate on effective health-preserving and dis-ease preventing approaches for your day-to-day life. She works with your daily diet and lifestyle patterns to address some of the most common dis-eases.

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Initial Consultation: $140

Follow-up Consultations: $80

(In Person or Via Zoom)

Or Call 708-577-5377

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