I have spent the past 2 decades serving my community as a pharmacist during which I have observed a shift toward greater prescriptive drug use. Consequently, the use of more first line practices like natural supplements and lifestyle modifications have lost their place in modern day health care.


   I developed Health Made in America in an effort to make some BIG TIME changes in how you take ownership of your health. Most health care providers feel uneasy recommending herbals and supplements because they don’t take the time to research the available studies. They assume these methods to be unsafe and instead resort to prescribing medications. Prescription drugs come with many more SERIOUS and COMMON side effects that most patients attempt to manage by taking more prescription medications. This leads to a perpetual cycle of dangerous overprescribing.


   The truth is, supplements can be very safe and effective when taken with the help of an experienced health care professional.  As a doctor of pharmacy, I feel comfortable recommending more natural options that will help bring your system back into balance and hopefully avoid prescription medications at all costs.


   I developed a probiotic as my first product to create the greatest impact on the widest range of individuals. The gut microbiome controls a wide range of functions within your body. Your immune system, mental health, skin, digestion, in fact most of your system, is dependent on the health of your microbiome.  While there are many probiotics currently available on the market, our probiotic is unique. Manufactured to the highest standards, its carefully selected strains are grown right here in Iowa, USA. By contrast, greater than 80% of medications and supplements are manufactured outside the US in less than desirable conditions.


   Thank you for taking back ownership of your health. Know that by investing in yourself, you are also investing in the health of others as we work towards developing a broader line of products. Breaking the dependence on prescription drug use is our mission and every product sold is a step towards that goal.    


                                                  With Love,

                                                  Dr. James Boblak