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At Health Made In America, we love the idea of keeping life simple, especially when it relates to your gut. Your digestion is happiest and most efficient when you consume products that are simple and clean. Here is how we kept these key factors in mind when creating our product...

We Choose Simplicity Because That's What Your Gut Likes!

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Inactive ingredients DO matter. They may not be active in the sense that they are not contributing to the benefit for which you are taking your supplement; however, these ingredients do still carry physical properties that will affect your body based on its ability (or inability) to process them.

You are an organic being which means that your body is designed to process organic matter (matter derived from once living organisms). Foods and supplements with long lists of chemical compounds as ingredients will be difficult on your digestion, ultimately creating more stress on your gut which you are aiming to keep happy and efficient.

Our probiotic contains ONE inactive ingredient: cellulose.

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We believe that less is more when it comes to the number of active ingredients you put in a supplement. Why? Because your digestion likes simple, remember?

Even though it may seem beneficial to take a probiotic that includes a list of prebiotics, vitamins, veggies and fruits, we like to stick to replenishing your bacteria and let you get the rest through your diet.

The simpler the supplement, the easier time your gut will have digesting it and reaping the benefits. Also, we believe that prebiotics, vitamins, veggies and fruits broken down into powder form inside a tablet or capsule will never provide as potent of benefits as you would get from a well-balanced diet. Yes, even prebiotics are foods you probably already consume (berries, sweet potato, ginger, onion, apples, etc.). So take your daily probiotic but get the rest from eating a clean, balanced daily diet with lots of fruits and veggies. 

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We stand by the claim that our Probiotic is of the highest quality. We work closely with a wonderful manufacturer in Iowa that solely focuses on probiotic production and offers full transparency for all ingredient sourcing and processes.

Our 7 Bacterial Strains:
As pharmacists, we have worked with numerous patients taking various probiotics that contained the rainbow of possible bacterial strains. As a result, we chose the 7 strains in this probiotic for the reason that they continued to show superior results for our patients, regardless of age or gender. Click here to read about what each strain specializes in and how it will benefit your health and well-being.

Our Inactive Ingredients:

We're so proud to say that our probiotic only has 1 inactive ingredient, cellulose!
The cellulose that is used to make our capsules is sourced from pine and spruce trees and the capsules are Kosher Certified, Vegetarian Society Approved, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Vegan. The
 cellulose powder used to load the bacteria into the capsules is also sourced from pine trees and is vegan, halal and kosher.

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