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   We are James Boblak and Sylvia Kolbiarz. Both of us are Doctors of Pharmacy, co-owners of Health Made in America and happily married to one another. To supplement her Western training, Sylvia also went on to study Ayurveda in order to gain a better perspective on what true preventative care looks like and how we can incorporate it into our society.

   We created Health Made in America in an effort to bring awareness to the overprescribing tendencies of our healthcare system, while educating on the importance of holistic lifestyle changes, diet, and simple supplements. Not what you expect from two pharmacists, huh? Well, thanks to having a front row seat in the Western medical model, we are confident that it is through working on ourselves physically and mentally, and not through prescription medications, that we can avoid modern day dis-eases and truly heal.

   James shares this wisdom with his patients daily as he continues managing a community pharmacy, while Sylvia utilizes her experience as Pharmacist and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor for individual wellness consultations with her clients.


1. Prescription medications are the new gateway drugs: The slippery slope of starting on a prescription drug and how it leads to more drugs and dis-eases 

2. Modeling the ancient Ayurvedic approach to bring preventative health/lifestyle practices into the daily lives of modern-day people

3. The magic of daily probiotics along with why we decided to create our own despite there being so many already available on the shelf

4. Why "inactive ingredients" in prescriptions and supplements are not really inactive

5. The pressures that healthcare professionals experience to meet company metrics (prescriptions filled, vaccines administered, etc.)  Are you really their top priority?

6. You are what you digest, not what you eat: The role of digestion in your overall health

7. Understanding the main 20 qualities of food and how they can be used to heal and rebalance

8. The role of the 5 senses in maintaining mental and physical health

9. Healthcare failures we have observed


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