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Breathe! It May Just Save Your Life.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

While amidst high-pressure situations, it's common to shallow breathe or even hold your breath altogether! Did you know that inadequate breathing is the same thing as hyperventilating? And let’s face it, most of us are leading fast paced, “go get it” lifestyles which means that you often spend a majority of your days in hyperventilation mode. Point blank: Your cells are not getting adequate amounts of oxygen.

What do people say to someone that is in a state of panic? They say, “Take deep breaths!”

Deep breaths calm your system. They ease anxiety & panic and make room for clear thinking. Additional benefits include improved digestion, reduction in inflammation, reduction in heart rate & blood pressure, and increased energy levels. I mean, it's oxygen! We know that a total cut-off leads to death so clearly it's purpose is critical to our functioning. It's time to re-learn how to breathe!

Ask yourself daily, at least 40 times a day, “Am I breathing?” But when we say breathing, we’re saying that good, deep stuff. You know those breaths where your stomach expands when you breathe in? Yep, those are the ones that bring magical benefits! If you need to, leave a reminder for yourself. Do whatever it takes!

This will take about 30 days of practice and persistence on your part till deep breathing becomes your norm. The benefits of nurturing this automatic function of yours will bring beautiful improvements to your overall wellbeing.

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